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Comparing Regular Sparklers and Wedding Sparklers: A Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Wedding Sparklers Exit Photo

I saw a recent social networking post about using regular sparklers vs. wedding sparklers for the exit at a wedding. I thought I would share some pros and cons to sparklers and using them at a wedding or other event where picture will be taken and the effects sparklers can make in the photos.

Sparklers add a touch of magic to any celebration, and they are especially popular during weddings. When it comes to sparklers, there are two main types to consider: regular sparklers and wedding sparklers. In this blog post, we will compare the pros and cons of each, including an important factor to consider: the amount of smoke emitted.

Regular Sparklers:


- Availability: Regular sparklers are widely available at various retailers and are often more affordable than their wedding counterparts.

- Versatility: They can be used for various events and celebrations, making them a versatile choice and are much easier for smaller hands to hold due to their lighter weight and size.


- Duration: Regular sparklers tend to burn for a shorter duration compared to wedding sparklers. This means that you may need to purchase a larger quantity if you want them to last throughout your wedding exit. We have seen events where they have burned out before the exit takes place.

- Smoke Emission: Regular sparklers typically produce moderate levels of smoke when ignited, which will be noticeable in your photos.

Wedding Sparklers:


- Longer Burn Time: Wedding sparklers are known for their extended burn time, allowing you to capture stunning photographs and create a more captivating ambiance. They typically burn for several minutes, providing ample time for photo opportunities and creating a memorable experience.

- Enhanced Visuals: Wedding sparklers are designed to produce brighter, more radiant sparks, resulting in a visually impressive display.

- Reduced Smoke Emission: Wedding sparklers are often manufactured with special compositions that minimize smoke production. This helps maintain a clear and picturesque atmosphere during your wedding event.


- Availability and Cost: Wedding sparklers may be harder to find compared to regular sparklers, and they can be more expensive. They are often sold by specialized wedding suppliers or online retailers, which could limit your options and potentially increase your budget.

- Safety Precautions: Due to their longer burn time and higher intensity, wedding sparklers require stricter safety measures to prevent accidents. It is crucial to inform your guests about proper handling techniques and provide clear guidelines to ensure everyone's safety during their use.

Both regular sparklers and wedding sparklers have their unique advantages and considerations. Regular sparklers offer affordability, versatility, and can create a beautiful effect. On the other hand, wedding sparklers provide longer burn times, enhanced visuals, and often emit reduced levels of smoke. The choice between the two types depends on your specific requirements, budget, desired aesthetic, and the importance you place on smoke emission. Whichever option you choose, incorporating sparklers into your wedding celebration is sure to add an element of enchantment and create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Comparing Regular Sparklers and Wedding Sparklers: A Guide - Thanks for reading!


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