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Frequently asked questions

How Much Does a Dj Cost?

A Feel The Beat DJ's prices start at $750 and go up to $2,500 for complete packages. We quote each event based on location, lenght of event, number of guests, event type.

Which DJ will by my DJ?

It's up to you! At Feel The Beat, we have DJ's with many years experience and some with just a few years. You can request a specific DJ at their quoted price or you ca let us assign one based on who is available for your date.

What will by DJ wear?

For formal events like weddings, we wear dress clothes with ties. For casual events, casual attire. For beach events, casual beach attire.

What kind of sound system do you use?

We use top of the line professional DJ equipment. Nothing off the shelves at COSTCO!

What do I need to supply for the DJ at the event?

A 6 ft table and linen to match your event and power within 50 feet with dedicated power - don't have the DJ share power with tent lights or heaters.

What time will my DJ show up?

We want to be ready 30 minutes prior to event start time. For smaller events, closer to start time, for larger events wth large PA's, truss, lighting, we will discuss arrival time, it could be several hours - based on event.